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Passion By Design, Sandy Peckinpah being interviewed by Rose James on her show, Transform Your Life. 

Sandy thought she had a “fairy tale” life. She was the wife of David Peckinpah, a writer and Emmy nominated television producer, she had just completed her book tour for her newly published children’s book, and her family was at the very core of all that mattered in life. One day, her oldest son woke up with a fever and was dead the next morning of a deadly killer, bacterial meningitis.

That was just the beginning of a series of events that spiraled her life out of her fairy tale and into a passionate quest to resurrect a new life, start a new career, and build a life of love, meaning, and purpose. In the process, of developing a successful system for herself, she began helping others rise up from life’s most challenging and difficult transitions. In the course of this interview, you’ll learn her 9 steps for bouncing back after life takes you down. 

But what are fairy tales after all? It’s about triumph over adversity. This fairy tale does have a happy ending… listen in!blue-divider

Interview with Sandy Peckinpah on Feather Quill

feathered-quillToday we’re talking with Sandy Peckinpah, author of How to Survive the Worst That Can Happen: A Parent’s Step by Step Guide to Healing After the Loss of a Child

FQ: Thinking about the death of one’s child is extremely difficult, let alone writing about it. What spurred you to go beyond your personal journaling experience to create a self-help experience for others via short Stepping Stones?

PECKINPAH: I first discovered the power of storytelling when my daughter was born with a facial cleft, she taught me everything about the beauty of imperfection. I was inspired to write my first book, Rosey, the Imperfect Angel. I wrote the fairy tale to help all children who felt different. I had a profound purpose…to pave the way for my child and others like her.

But my life challenges didn’t end there. Not even close…when my 16 year old son woke up with fever, and was dead the next morning I realized I had just experienced the worst that can happen.
The steps to healing aren’t easy. In the course of my bereavement I realized, however, there’s a responsibility to humanity in every life event, even the loss of a child. Because I’m a writer, I healed in words, and I began to record my story and the steps I took to heal. And, I became aware that in this master plan of life, my story could help other bereaved parents. It started with my journal, then my blog, I was so grateful for the impact and reaction it was having and decided I was ready to move forward with my book. I had to resurrect a purpose from my most painful life experience. Read full interview….