About the Book

Sandy Peckinpah’s sixteen-year old son woke up with a fever and was dead the next morning of bacterial meningitis…  her life changed forever.

COVERShe found herself in the depths of unimaginable despair. Then, someone gave her a journal, and writing opened her journey of self-discovery in learning how to live life without her beautiful child. Words illuminated her path of discovery and she began to document the things that helped her, and others like her, to find resilience.

This is a practical, inspirational guide to coping with the many facets of bereavement; learning how to talk about your loss, the aftermath of sorrow, handling fear and anger, helping your living children adjust, strengthening your marriage, experiencing miracles, and the promise that you will regain a quality of life where you’ll feel joy once again.

If you’ve lost a child or know someone who has, Sandy’s story is one you’ll relate to and find comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

“The profound gift of Sandy’s grief over losing her son pours forth in gentle yet focused guidance in this treatise on love and resilience.  She doesn’t mince words or sugarcoat the enormity of the task, yet she shows you the way through to a life of renewed faith and happiness. As a psychotherapist who has helped people grieve their losses for over twenty-five years, I see Sandy’s book as the most elegant and effective tool a grieving parent could have, along with the human support she so strongly prescribes. By example, Sandy’s book shows what one woman can do when she transforms her deepest grief into a gift that shows others how to love again.”  You can purchase the book directly from Balboa Press or Amazon

Kathleen Hanagan, LCSW

“This book is such an amazing tool and gift to parents who are suffering the loss of a child. Most of what Sandy learned, as she and her family walked through it, is right here on these pages. This is not simply a narrative of her story; it’s a step-by-step way that you can participate in your own healing. My hope for you is that this book will guide you through, to that place of peace.”

Melissa Gilbert
Mother, Wife, Actress, Author