About the Author

Sandy Peckinpah is on a mission to help you use your story to transform your future and “breakthrough to happy.”

IMG_8912She discovered the power in storytelling when she was inspired to write her first book, Rosey…the Imperfect Angel after the birth of her daughter. Julianne was born with a severe facial defect, a cleft. It would take numerous surgeries to repair her face and through the process Sandy and her family learned the beauty of imperfection.

The story caught media attention and Sandy and her daughter appeared on national television talk shows, national morning news shows (including ABC, NBC, Fox), radio programs, newspaper articles, and magazines.

Rosey…the Imperfect Angel was recorded as a CD, produced by Tony Award Winner, Michael Alden and starred the voice of actress and former SAG President, Melissa Gilbert (best known for Little House on the Prairie). The CD made it all the way to the Grammy Ballot in 2009!

Her second book, Chester the Imperfect All Star, followed with the same media attention. Her fairy tales continue to be used in schools, hospitals, and clinics to raise awareness and help children with self-esteem.

Sandy worked closely with her late husband, David Peckinpah, who was the executive producer and writer of numerous television series including the Emmy nominated CBS series Beauty and the Beast, Sci-Fi’s Sliders, and USA Network’s Silk Stalkings. He wrote the Disney box office hit, Man of the House. Sandy ran their film company, including developing ideas, story lines, and editing scripts.

She collaborated with life-long friend, Paula McChesney, to write Passion by Design, a blueprint for designing and living a life of passion. Their radio show, Passion By Design, aired on AM Talk Radio in California. (Past shows on iTunes).

Her book How to Survive the Worst that Could Happen was borne out of the tragic experience of the death of her 16 year old son.  The book is an inspired offering of hope, blending research and her intimate personal story. It shifts the odyssey of grief from passive submission into a faster, more active recovery.

Sandy enjoys working with people who are serious about transforming their future. She has enlightened others to discover hidden powers in their own unique story, and offers tools for a “Breakthrough to Happy.”

Sandy enjoys life with her husband, Jim de Girolamo and her beautiful children in sunny Southern California.

Fun Facts from Sandy:

When I was young… I traveled the world at the age of 16 with the show “Up With People.” The show was a song and dance “musical ambassador,” performing in a vast array of countries and cultures. We learned the entire show in the language of the countries we visited.

“Acting” awakened stories and characters for me… For years I took acting classes in LA with some of the great teachers like Stella Adler and Jeff Corey. My purpose was to learn about character development for writing, but then I went a step further and starred in a few tv movies and series. I loved it!

Guilty Pleasure… Opera Music and a glass of red wine while I write in the early evening hours.

Biggest Indulgence… Food! I passionately love to cook… especially Italian food. Oops! I married an Italian, too!

Greatest family delight… Christmas morning with my children. I still fill stockings and wrap piles and piles of presents, even though they are young adults.

Most surprising Life Event… Finding love in the second act of my life… After 25 years of marriage and the untimely loss of my husband, I reconnected years later with a man I had met in “Up With People” when I was just 16! We married in 2011 and what a glorious life we have!

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